My current interests is in single page applications hosted on cloud services such as Amazon's CloudFront service. I'm currently working on a project where I'm using Amazon's CloudFront service to host the VueJS front end, Amazon's API gateway for communication between the front end and the back end, Amazon's Cognito identity service for authentication and Amazon's relational database service for PostgreSQL as our database.

My personal site is built using WordPress as the back end and using React to on the front end to present my posts. The front end is hosted on Google Firebase.

I'm also a registered developer on the Shopify platform and actually have a basic Shopify template that I created in my Github repository.

My PHP experience includes Rent The Runway. I incorporated Symfony into the Drupal based stack because it was a general, MVC based framework that was just easier to build upon. Being object oriented and having ORM support made development a little bit more rationale. I also setup a Hudson server to do some automated testing of our stack using PHPUnit.

At CNBC.com, I helped convert their Microsoft provided content management system to a PHP based "headless" content management system. The frontend used Zend Framework with Smarty templates and page configuration profiles for content presentation. The backend content management system was based on Drupal but we used Zend Framework to build out some of the infrastructure such as the automated content ingestion tools.

Working with an offshore team at Experian, we built and maintained a CodeIgniter based frontend that enabled our clients' representatives to send marketing emails via our Cheetahmail email marketing platform. This gave them the ability to run individual campaigns and customize their messaging on an individual level. The application also provided analytical dashboards.

Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance.