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DevJournal 2 July 2018

Monday 2 July 2018

We start a new week. It is freezing in South Africa. Need to work on getting money this week. Options are freelancing sites. Will work on my agency site today. Give me a chance to flesh out my resume too.

Wednesday 3 July 2018

  • Have a meeting with Sean tonight at 7:00pm. Going to take about an hour to get there.
  • Need to get up just a basic site for nziswano.
    • Contact Us
    • Services
    • About Us
  • Welcome back to gulp. Using gulp with webpack to build a static site.
  • Look into using this with wineries of the sierra foothills -
  • Scroll behaviour -
  • Data for layouts -
  • CSS3 code generators -
  • Talking about race in South Africa is a convenient excuse for the current administration not to admit that they failed the majority of the people. Race and the land issue are smoke screens for real problems. Real issue is the inequality. No once cares about race when money is involved. Richest people in the world are not white.
  • Have the basics of my content put together. Ready to create a layout for my site now.
  • Mockaroo data generator
  • Lightweight CSS Frameworks
  • UI Goodies
  • Got the basic site done. Now need to format and commit. Can't work on it tomorrow because I need to work on lookfindme.
  • Use email form from my website
  • Setup twitter account for nziswano.
  • More information about headless wordpress, analytics, microsites.
  • Basic site layout completed. Using foundation css.

Wednesday 4 July 2018

It is 4th of July in the US today. Free latex templates - CV/Resume or other form letter templates. Resume Templates Flesh out my nziswano website * Summary * Features * Benefits * Technology Headless - Innovating with Headless WordPress COPE - NPR Content Decoupling Drupal Finished with the content for the nziswano site. Now have to work on the layout. Latex for doing my resume and putting it into multiple formats. * Options are texmaker and texworkshop Reuse my resume data across my properties. Plan for resume in latex * Data in yaml file * Sections in latex * Create PDF with latex * Want colour * Can also generate a basic word document for my resume * Use python to generate word version. * Setup template only once. * Generate my resume on demand(?) * Store the yaml file in a public accessible directory(?) * Convert about section to javascript output * Put resume into its own section * Latex packages available in mac ports - Need to spend some time on lookfindme site. Do the front-end. * Work on pricing look * Update text information * Review main page Found out my site is being indexed by Google. Need to get more content out there. Need to work on tutorials. * Not getting anything really done. Doing the pricing for the listing.

Thursday 5 July 2018

Friday 6 July 2018

  • Trying to finish up my agency website. Not being able to visualise a design is frustrating.
  • Got the basic outline created.

Saturday 7 July 2018

  • Started Diketso's site started. Using gulp and panini.

Sunday 7 July 2018

  • Learn how to use Gulp.