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Learning basic Angular


  • Install angular-cli
  • npm install -g @angular/cli
  • Create the project
  • ng new PROJECT_NAME --skip-install --routing --style scss
  • Setup styles
  • Create styles folder in src/app/assets
  • Copy _settings.scss file from Foundation Template.
  • Copy _foundation.scss file from Foundation Template.
  • install npm install @fortawesome/fontawesome @fortawesome/fontawesome-free-solid @fortawesome/fontawesome-free-webfonts
  • Update settings in _foundation.scss
    • Make sure to include ~ in import for foundation.
    • import @import '~@fortawesome/fontawesome-free-webfonts/scss/fontawesome';
  • Update settings.scss file
    • Change util import to @import '~foundation-sites/scss/util/util'; (line 63)
    • Add line to point to font-awesome variable $fa-font-path: '~@fortawesome/fontawesome-free-webfonts/webfonts';
  • Add _custom.scss to import your custom scss.
  • Add _foundation.scss to your styles.scss file in your assets folder.
  • Import the styles.scss file into your application.