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Deciding on a framework for mobile development


  • Rapid development.
    • Trying to get a quick prototype up and running to test out the feasability of the project
  • Web initially
    • Create the equivalent of a mobile web site that can be packaged as a native app later. Can be a combination of both web and native.
  • IOS first
    • Focused on developing an IOS app. Will port to Android. Maybe to Windows based on the framework.
  • Web framework
    • Use JavaScript, CSS, HTML for putting together project.


  • Apache Cordova - underlying tool for the hybrid platform.
  • AngularJS - JavaScript framework that seems to be most portable to NativeScript.
  • TypeScript - write JavaScript with enterprise tools.


  • Ionic - Angular and typescript. Has an infrastructure around it. Can generate components with command line.
  • Framework7 - Seems to have a variety of templates.
  • OnsenUI - just not enough for me to bite.


  • Starting with Framework7 template tool. See how far we can get. Goal is to create a web site that will suffice as a prototype for mobile site.
    • Not going to use Framework7. Uses less for css.
  • Going to try and use ionic framework.

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