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Learning to use the REST API in Wordpress.

Building Paseo Network with Wordpress


  • Learning this API is much harder than it should be.
  • Biggest issue I'm running into is using the local client.
  • Figuring out how to use the remote endpoints seems so much simpler.
  • Documentation is very spotty.
  • Hard to fine relevant or up-to-date resources.
  • Don't seem to be many books around (that are up to date).
  • Decided I'm just going to use React. Not worth the extra hassle trying to figure out the Wordpress way


Tools/packages used

  • Timber - Templating engine. Not really necessary but think can be used to customize the admin site.
  • Vuejs - Front-end framework I'm using for custom site.

Other Resources

Info that helped

  1. Built complete front-end client in Vuejs.
    • Access the REST API without trying to conform to Wordpress idiosyncrasies.
  2. Learn to use Promises.
  3. Use TypeScript because JavaScript is all over the place.
  4. Don't worry about backwards compatibility.
  5. Learn how to create an admin page in Wordpress using JavaScript


  • Background
    • Need a website for the church, daycare & preschool and family.
      • Shared features
        • Event listing
          • Show events
          • Write-up of event with gallery after event
            • Post about event with gallery of images
            • Images are the focus point
            • Cover image
            • Date and time of when event happened
          • Contact Us form - gather information
          • Email list sign-up
          • Newsletter
          • Resources
    • Websites are essentially static sites.
      • Use sass/js frameworks.
      • Use node tools to create and build the sites
      • Integrate via APIs.
    • Content creators can add content to the site but with limited ability to change the actual design of the site.
    • Church site
      • Paseo Church Family
        • Community site
        • Information related to the church
        • Directory of church families
    • Daycare Website
      • Registration Site
        • Also parent community site - Paseo Parents
          • Parent/child directory
          • Access to account information
          • Customer service
            • Messaging to the school
            • Access to school messages.
          • Private image gallery of school/children.
        • Registration micro site.
          • Pricing information
          • Registration information
          • Transportation
          • Calculator to determine fees
          • Registration form
        • Online Store
          • Center swag
            • T-shirts, caps, other
            • Child picture packages
              • Choose packages
              • Add additional options
              • Order anytime?
          • Other items(?)
  • Why Wordpress?
    • REST-API was huge selling point.
      • Static sites I can host in Amazon S3 with CloudFront for CDN
      • Basic VPS from Amazon for $5/month.
    • Simpler overall API than Drupal. Having done Drupal development, just seemed a little more focused.
    • Didn't want to build a complete CMS from scratch.
    • Multi-Site capabilities - can have all my sites on one instance of Wordpress.
    • Can be controlled and developed with composer
  • Why Backbone?
    • Wanted to leverage whatever tools Wordpress already have.
    • Was going to use it internally to for Wordpress admin.
    • No longer using Backbone.
      • Too frustrating to use with Wordpress.
        • Poorly documented how to use wp-api.
        • Backbone does not seem like it's going to be the choice going forward.
        • Good to know to make changes to current site.
        • Not worth investing the time and effort.
        • Going to focus on React and Vuejs.


  • Basic project
    • Using Foundation for CSS and some JavaScript.
    • Added Vuejs for contact us form and captcha
      • Dry-run for adding registration micro-site.
    • Issues:
      • Webpack and gulp combination unwieldly
      • Need to learn how to use paninin (the static site builder) with webpack and without gulp client.
    • Trying to create admin interface in wordpress for managing entries.
      • Admin settings for captcha settings (public/private keys)
      • Be able to review entries and respond to them.
  • Task
    • Had to learn how to create a wordpress plugin again
      • Plugin template generator WORDPRESS PLUGIN BOILERPLATE GENERATOR
        • Used as the basis for my plugin
      • Added composer.json so I can enable php autoload
        • Point to autoload in site Vendor folder (outside of public) because I'm using composer to manage the complete site.
      • Trying to make it as object oriented as possible.
    • Was able to create custom endpoints.