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Flask Notes


Creating a Flask App Now using Pipenv

  • Create directory and cd into directory
  • pipenv shell
  • Install flask
  • pipevn install flask SQLAlchemy psycopg2 click uwsgi


REST - Serializing and deserialing JSON data

  • Using Marshmallow
class DemoSchema(Schema):
  class Meta:
    fields=("name", "email", "created_at", "uppername")
  • Using Marshmallow with jsonschema to validate data from api - No longer recommended. Latest Marsmallow includes actual validation
    • Using marshmallow-jsonschema - marshmallow-jsonschema
      • Use to dump jsonschema from marshmallow
    • Using jsonschema - JsonSchema
      • Uses jsonshema validate, ValidationError
      • Use the jsonschema from marshmallow-jsonschema to validate content from api
    åsch = ReceiptSchema()
    js_schema = json_schema.dump(sch).data
    receipt = request.get_json()
        validate(receipt, js_schema)
        receipt_data = sch.load(receipt).data
    except ValidationError as err:
        resp['err'] = err.message

CORS Configuration - Without using Flask-CORS