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Projects of interest

Software Engineering

  • Kevlin Henney - #KevlinHenney


Tools to watch

  • Vapor - Swift3 framework for web application development.
  • Electrode - made by Walmart. ReactJS framework essentially.


Resource Lists

List of lists

Algorithm Resources


  • Boomerang - Data conversion and synchronization
  • Unison - File sync utility

  • Report Servers


Mobile Prototyping Tools

Other Projects

Event Management Software

RPC Framework

Service Providers

Asset Management

  • Cloudinary - Digital Asset Management in the cloud. Has a free tier.
    • Has a wordpress plugin
  • Filestack - Has a free tier.

Edge Services

Other Services

  • Sentry - has a free tier.
    • Error tracking service. Able to rack from JavaScript, PHP, Java, Python.
  • FormSpree - Form to email. First 1000 are free.


Presentation Frameworks [Web based]

Lists for marketing site


Free Services for Devs