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Amazon API Gateway


  • Endpoint - regional since it will only be used for admin and probably only in the US. Can be changed afterwards
  • To Do List

    • Create custom domain name. It takes a while to go through the system.
    • Must have a certificate for https support. Import from Amazon Certificate Manager. Only in N.Virginia available. Next to the CIA.

      • Can’t do custom domain name because current name points to another cloudfront distribution already. Will probably have to use the command line to figure out which distribution this is and how so I can go and change it.
    • Setup Client Certificate - Try to limit the access to the backend server for API access.

      • Seems that the Amazon Gateway kept the certificate from the last gateway I deleted.
    • Setup the endpoints

    • Will be setup as proxy services
      • admin
      • site
      • test
      • user
    • Configure proxies for access to backend server at
    • Test the proxies - I normally create a hello endpoint just for basic testing.
    • Deploy API
    • Setup logging
    • Finding the ARN in cloudwatch logs
    • Create a custom domain name. Have to go into GoDaddy and delete that cname record.
    • Setup local environment to use correct aws credentials aws apigateway get-domain-names --profile lookfindme

Last update: April 13, 2020 15:25:03