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Deciding on a framework for mobile development


  • Rapid development.
    • Trying to get a quick prototype up and running to test out the feasability of the project
  • Web initially
    • Create the equivalent of a mobile web site that can be packaged as a native app later. Can be a combination of both web and native.
  • IOS first
    • Focused on developing an IOS app. Will port to Android. Maybe to Windows based on the framework.
  • Web framework
    • Use JavaScript, CSS, HTML for putting together project.


  • Apache Cordova - underlying tool for the hybrid platform.
  • AngularJS - JavaScript framework that seems to be most portable to NativeScript.
  • TypeScript - write JavaScript with enterprise tools.


  • Ionic - Angular and typescript. Has an infrastructure around it. Can generate components with command line.
  • Framework7 - Seems to have a variety of templates.
  • OnsenUI - just not enough for me to bite.


  • Starting with Framework7 template tool. See how far we can get. Goal is to create a web site that will suffice as a prototype for mobile site.
    • Not going to use Framework7. Uses less for css.
  • Going to try and use ionic framework.

Progressive Web Apps

Mobile Notes

Mobile Prototyping Tools

  • Marvel - Prototyping tool. Has a free tier.
  • Axure - Has a free educational version.
  • Aquro - Has free tier.
  • Vectr - Free. Includes for web.
  • Invision - Web and mobile prototype
  • Zeplin - Free for single project.

Web only

Mobile Web UI Kits

Native Kits

Hybrid Kits


  • Hammer - JavaScript library for touch.
  • Angular - Library that seems to be the underlying framework for most hybrid apps.
  • Zepto - replacement for jquery.



UI Kit Templates


Online App Template Building Tools

Mobile Device Development Notes



  • Problem: Launching Android SDK Manager without going through Atom Studio
  • ~/Library/Android/sdk/tools/android
  • For AVD ~/Library/Android/sdk/tools/android avd


IOS Development Notes

  • Cocoapods
    • Issue: Unable to add a source with url named master. You can try adding it manually in ~/.cocoapods/repos or via pod repo add
    • StackOverflow
          cd ~/.cocoapods/repos
          git clone git:// master
          pod install --no-repo-update --verbose
  • Actual issue: I’m in South Africa and it was taking forever to do the initial repo specs checkout. Doing git clone git:/ master into ~/.cocoapods/repos resolved the problem. Going forward, only has to update the repos, not completely download it.



Ionic Development Notes

Trying to figure out Ionic while building a prototype to demo via the web.


  • Pushing site to gh-pages.
    • Ref: Deploying an Angular App to Github Pages
    • Ionic starter template includes the manifest and worker file by default.
    • Use the ionic build scripts to create the web version of your app.
    • Install angular-cli-ghpages globally
      • npm install --global angular-cli-ghpages
    • Build ionic app with base-href to github gh-url for your username
      • npm run ionic:build --prod --base-href "https://<username><repository>/"
    • Push to gh-pages. ngh --dir www - have to use www because the script looks for the dist folder by default.

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