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Azure Notes

Using Active Directory for remote login

Register a new web application

  1. Select Azure Active Directory
  2. Choose App registrations
  3. Click on New Application registration - current layout close to top toolbar.
  4. Enter the name
  5. Application type - web app/API
  6. Sign-on Url
    • End-point that will process and determine if the user is logged in.
    • http://{wordpress-site}/wp-login.php is the endpoint for wordpress

Creating keys for API access

  1. Select Azure Active Directory
  2. Click on App registrations
  3. Click on your app
  4. Click on All Settings - current layout - bottom right corner.
  5. Click on Keys under Api Access
  6. Under keys
    • Enter a description
    • Choose duration
    • Click save icon
    • Copy secret key. Will go away when navigating away from this page.
  7. Settings
    • Application ID - Can also be referred to as the Client ID. Refers to your application so Azure can tell where to authenticate.
    • API Key - Generate under All Settings -> Api Key

Determine Tenant ID

  • Tenant Id is the the id of the Azure Directory you are using.
  • Click on Azure Active Directory - far right column under main list of services
  • Click on Properties
  • Directory ID is the same equivalent of Tenant ID when referring to this Active Directory.

Deploying to Azure Container Registry Service with Azure Pipelines

Variables $(GITHUB_AUTH) $(image_name)

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