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Developer Tools

General Tools

  • MassCode Snippets manager.
    • Commands to know
      • Snipppet
      • Adding a snippet: CmdN
      • Copying a snippet: ShiftCmdC
      • Formatting as snippet: ShiftCmdF
      • Fragment
        • CmdT
      • Show Assistant
      • OptionS
  • FlyCut
    • HotKey: ShiftCmdV
  • Potential tool to track outgoing connections: Lulu


Build Tools

  • Bazel - build tool. Next iteration of building web projects.

Server Mock Tools

Source code generators

  • JHipster - Generate and deploy Spring Boot + Angular Apps.

Mock Service

  • Mockbin - test, mock and track http requests & responses

Testing Framework

Code Analyzers

  • PMD - Source code analyser. Includes JS, Java, checks for duplicates in PHP
  • SourceTrail - Sourcecode explorer for Java and C++


Visual Studio Code

Image Sprites

Screen recording

Other tools

Last update: April 18, 2020 11:36:31