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Amazon AWS

Learning Lambda

AWS Mobile

  • Error Message: “error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘crypto’ of undefined in browser”
  • Issues with mobile auth using email
  • Github Issue 104
  • Use awsmobile cli
    • awsmobile user-signin enable -p
  • Did not get the aws amplify and mobile hub project to work. Had to create my own, custom setup.

  • Seems to only way to deal with awsamplify not working is to create your own custom setup.

Hosting single page app with Cloudfront

  • Hosting Single Page app with proper URLS
  • In CloudFront, Create custom error response
    • In CloudFront Distribution
      • Select Error Pages
      • Create Custom Error Response
      • HTTP Error Code: 404 Not Found
      • Customize Error Response - yes
      • Response Page Path /index.html
      • HTTP Response Code 200 ok
  • Also need to configure for 403 errors.
  • 403 300 /index.html 200
  • 404 5 /index.html 200

Mobile Hub

  • Set local configuration - awsmobile configure -p lookfindme - use lookfind me to configure awsmobile
  • awsmobile init - setup local configuration
    • Use selected configuration from aws mobile hub configuration.

Last update: April 13, 2020 15:25:03